About Hyponic

The story of the HYPONIC brand begins with Unji, an American Cocker Spaniel owned by brand founder Jun Bae Kang.

One day the dog began to develop skin problems that caused him great inconvenience. It later turned out that these problems were related to aggressive ingredients in household shampoo. Kang was so shocked by this discovery that he decided to create a harmless shampoo for dogs that meets the strict standards that the Korean cosmetic industry uses when producing products for humans.

Jun Bae Kang vowed that animals should no longer suffer like his Unji did. This vow led to years of painstaking work.

As a result, Kang, in collaboration with a number of leading Korean experts (including the Seoul National University Medical College), was able to create a premium brand of pet care products. Today, HYPONIC's premium hypoallergenic, non-toxic shampoos set a new standard for safety and transparency in pet care products.

HYPONIC was born out of Jun Bae Kang's love for all four-legged friends who had to suffer in silence. With high-quality ingredients and the results of advanced research, it improves the lives of all fluffy pets.